Down the Missouri to St Louis – Horizons West (02-06-66)

‘Down the Missouri To St. Louis’ covers the period from July 1806 through September 23, 1806. The Corps of Discovery ultimately reunites back at the Mandan village they originally struck out from. Army Private John Coulter requests permission to separate from the Army and join the fur trappers exploring the Missouri. Sacagawea and her son, Jean Baptiste, separate from the return party at the Mandan village. Toussaint Charbonneau joins Sacagawea and their son, and the remainder of the Corps of Discovery makes for their triumphant return to St. Louis and the completion of their heroic adventures.

Original Air Date: February 06, 1966Host: Andrew RhynesShow: Horizons WestPhone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739)

Stars:• Harry Bartel (Lewis)• John Anderson (Clark)

Special Guests:• Sebastian Cabot• Helen Gerald• Cliff Holland• Frank Gerstle• Eddie Firestone• Don Spruance

Writers:• William Tundberg• Carl A. Tundberg

Producer:• William Lally

Music:• Gene Twombley

Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny