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Dr. Clarence Holmes and Family at 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Dr. Clarence Holmes and Family at 25th Wedding Anniversary Party
You know more than you realize about your family and those who came before you.
As a young person I was fascinated by my relatives. I came from a large family of brothers, sisters and cousins. These kinfolk would spin a tale out of any mundane life experience; yes, they were storytellers. I heard tales of previous generations. Trying to piece together how these relatives were related to me on occasion proved a challenge. Were they my first cousins or were their spouses my relatives? Turns out I was related to them from both sides of my family.
Your journey into family history may not turn out to be as convoluted as mine, but you will have an adventure exploring your past.  Begin by collecting and organizing what you already know. Talk to other members of your family. Share stories and photographs using whatever social media you need.
I have been the genealogy specialist here at the Denver Public Library since 1987 and hope to share more of my perspective in tracing your roots through YouTube. The Library has recently launched the first of a short series of YouTube lectures, which may help you with your research. 

Begin Your Family History Search at Denver Public Library

Video of Begin Your Family History Search at Denver Public Library

The library has many other family history resources, such as guides to getting started in your genealogy search and genealogy classes.
The Denver Public Library, in partnership with the Colorado Genealogical Society, offers a Genealogy Beginners Class the second Saturday of most months. Carol Darrow, a Certified Genealogist through the Board for Certification of Genealogists, is the instructor. She will introduce you to the basic tools, resources and methodologies needed to be successful in an ancestral quest. The class is held at the Central Denver Public Library on the second Saturday of the month in Gates Conference Room on the 5th Floor from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Carol then offers instruction in how to search Ancestry Library Edition. She firmly believes in putting into practice the information you have just learned.
Other learning opportunities abound throughout each month. Check the DPL Events calendar or the program monitor in Western History and Genealogy. Several genealogy societies meet at the library each month and offer lectures and classes. These partners include the Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado, Germanic Genealogical Society of Colorado, Colorado Chapter of the Palatines to America, Italian Search Group, Colorado Genealogical Society, Computer Interest Group of CGS and W.I.S.E – Wales-Ireland-Scotland-England Family History Society. The Write-Now genealogy writers’ seminar and DNA Special Interest class are monthly special classes from the Colorado Genealogical Society.
Our flyer racks are bulging with notices of these monthly events with details of the meetings, presentations and biographical notes of their speakers. Societies up and down the Front Range also share their notices with us. A trove of information about monthly meetings, tours, workshops, seminars and special events await you, along with WHG staff.

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