New Additions to the Colorado Authors Collection – February 2016

[1892?] Bucking horse

Bucking horse
The Colorado Authors Collection at the Western History and Genealogy Department is a gem that highlights the work of our state’s many talented writers. Items in this collection range from works by internationally known authors like Hunter S. Thompson and Dalton Trumbo, to self-published works that can’t be found in any other library in the world. 
Here are a few items that have recently been added to the Colorado Authors Collection. 
Buffalo Bill, Boozers, Brothels, and Bare-Knuckle Brawlers by Kellen Cutsforth (TwoDot 2015) – Remember that one time when we packed up the lads and headed across the pond for rollicking, drunken adventure in the American West? That’s what Evelyn Booth and his buddies must have said to each other in the years following their epic 1884-1885 journey that took them to the very heart of the West with characters like Buffalo Bill. This annotated version of Booth’s diary takes readers on a journey that would leave most of us whimpering and hung over in a corner. For Booth and his boys, it was just another day at the office. 
Get This Mother Published!: The Wacky World of a Recovering Army Brat Family by Ward Lucas (Hogback Publishing, 2016) – If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time you probably know Ward Lucas the investigative reporter, but do you know Ward Lucas the Army brat? In this loving paean to his family, and their experiences serving our country, Lucas recounts humorous moments that are a joy to read.  
Rough it with Ease: The Story of the McGraw Ranch by Henry F. Pedersen, Jr. (Self-published, 1990) – This wonderful account of life on a historic ranch near Estes Park came to us via an anonymous donation and is a great example of the kinds of unique works housed in the CA collection. Pedersen’s work is packed with historic photos and provides a detailed and anecdote-packed look at what life was like on a property that’s been in his family since before Colorado was even granted statehood. 
You Fall Off, You Get Back On by Mary Stobie (Liberator Press, 2014) – Stobie describes this collection as, “a patchwork memoir,” and that’s a pretty fair description. The former Rocky Mountain News writer recounts some of her unique life experiences in a series of fun and highly readable essays. Like so many books in this collection, You Fall Off, You Get Back On provides a very intimate look at life in the Centennial State. 

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