Places in Peril: Boyhood Home of Red Rocks Architect Burnham Hoyt

Photo from the Burnham Hoyt Architectural Records (WH1188), Box 2, FF61undated Portrait of Burnham Hoyt

Portrait of Burnham Hoyt
Recently, Historic Denver reported that an application for a Certificate of Non-Historic Status for the childhood home of Colorado architects Burnham and Merrill Hoyt (2849 W. 23rd Avenue) had been posted. Historic Denver described the home’s future as “uncertain,” as a Certificate of Non-Historic Status, if issued, could lead to the structure’s demise.
Historic Denver and many others have referred to the work of Burnham and Merrill Hoyt as important. Burnham, who outlived his brother Merrill by several decades, has been more widely recognized as a significant mid-20th century architect, most famously for designing Red Rocks Amphitheater.

[1937 or 1938] Construction at Red Rocks Park Amphitheater

Construction at Red Rocks Park Amphitheater
Here at the Denver Public Library, we’re proud to have two Burnham Hoyt-designed libraries in our system, including our Park Hill Branch and the older wing of the Central Library. In addition, we are thrilled to house the Burnham Hoyt Architectural Records (WH1188) collection in the Western History and Genealogy Department. Included in the collection are architectural plans for private residences and institutions, correspondence, business records, architectural and project photographs, and personal papers.
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[between 1963 and 1970?] Park Hill Library

Park Hill Library

1955 Denver Public Library construction

Denver Public Library construction

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