Red Rocks Summer of Stars (1906) – Wow Photo Wednesday

[between 1906 and 1910] Musicians testing sound board at early Red Rocks site

Musicians testing sound board at early Red Rocks site
Last week we mentioned that summer concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre began back in 1906 with a series of chamber music shows at the fabled park. Of course in 1906, there wasn’t much of a stage, just some boards on the ground, and seating was definitely a DIY affair. 
Regardless of how rough the seating was, the idea of spending summer evenings under the stars listening to music at Red Rocks was obviously a big hit. Sadly, the man behind the idea, John Brisben Walker is all but forgotten by the throngs of visitors and concert-goers who enjoy Red Rocks concerts every summer. 
Walker was an entrepreneur who made his fortune after purchasing Cosmopolitan Magazine (yes, that Cosmopolitan Magazine) before heading to Colorado with the money he made selling the publication.
Besides hosting concerts at the venue, Walker also built a tramway that shuttled concert-goers up to the top of the amphitheater where they could enjoy the view. (Spend a few minutes at Red Rocks on any given day and you’ll certainly hear park visitors lamenting the current lack of that exact same luxury.)
Walker’s initial foray into music promotion only spanned from 1906-1910, but he planted the seeds for generations of unforgettable summer nights in what would become Denver’s most famous mountain park. 
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