Saws Out! – Awkward Photo Wednesday

undated Park Hill School hand saw carrying lesson

Park Hill School hand saw carrying lesson
Welcome to hand saw lesson day at the old Park Hill Elementary School! We’re guessing that this isn’t something that’s still done, but maybe it should be. (And clearly the young lady in this photo definitely needs to work on her saw handling skills.) 
Regardless, it’s a charming picture and great way to let everyone know about a wonderful exhibit titled, Awkward Family Photos: The Exhibition, that’s opening at the History Colorado Center on June 18.
Awkward Family Photos: The Exhibition is based on the popular website of the same name and looks like something any Wow Photo Wednesday reader would just love.
History Colorado is located just across the street from us at 1200 Broadway – so you can zip over and see us when you’re done and let us know your suggestions for upcoming Wow Photo Wednesdays. 

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