The Simple Life (with Bacon) – Wow Photo Wednesday

Camp scene, condensed milk

Camp scene, condensed milk
History is full of complications, catastrophes and other calamities, but it also offers us glimpses of simple moments of quiet beauty. This scene of two men camping near Lake Bierstadt sometime between 1920-1930 definitely falls into the latter category. 
The photo was taken by the Wiswall Brothers, a prolific pair of photographers that worked extensively with the Denver Tourism Bureau during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 
So what’s on the menu for a camp meal of this era? If you zoom in closely (which is easy to do if you click on the photo; then click on the “i” icon) you’ll see this wonderful meal in all its glory. These men are enjoying bacon, beans, coffee, and some condensed milk for a splash of sweetness.
It’s nothing as elaborate as the freeze-dried phad Thai you might find at the same campsite today, but it sure looks tasty. 
Images like this were used to promote Colorado’s tourist industry in publications like Denver’s Mountain Parks and Denver Municipal Facts.
Though you probably won’t see many campsites like this if you drove up to Mt. Bierstadt today, the simplicity of their set-up (and the bacon) are still pretty darned appealing. 

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