Wow Photo Wednesday ~ 10th Mountain Division

[1945] GI at Trieste

GI at Trieste
Wow ~ 10th Mountain Division soldiers trained hard, fought hard, and played hard. Trained in Colorado, the army ski-troops who distinguished themselves in the Italian Alps during World War II chose the Denver Public Library to be the repository of their manuscripts, photographs, and memorabilia. We are honored to be the stewards of this amazing collection, many of whose contributors were founders of Colorado’s ski industry.

[May] 1945 Garda

Among the regimental group photos, battle images, and shots of damaged Italian towns, are many surprising images. There is beautiful scenery, human interest, and pathos to be found in the almost 1,000 10th Mountain Photos in our Digital Collections, and among the many more non-digitized images.

March 1945 John W. Haines, III at Pietra Colora, Italy

John W. Haines, III at Pietra Colora, Italy
For a more information about the 10th Mountain Division, visit this overview, or browse through the various 10th Mountain Resources we have online, including a name lookup index, oral histories, and newspapers. Here is the entire digitized collection of 10th Mountain images, and don’t miss our 10th Mountain Division gallery of selected images below. 
“Wow Photo Wednesday” celebrates photographs in the Denver Public Library’s Digital Collections that have “The Wow Factor” and that highlight the myriad delightful nuggets in our database.

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John D. Magrath in whites @ Camp Hale
[1943 or 1944]

John W. Haines, III at Pietra Colora, Italy
March 1945

Skitroopers with skis attached to their knapsacks

Guarding five tagged POWs
Full size image[1945]

Joe Stettner, rock climber deluxe
Full size imageMay 1943

View of Camp Hale, Colorado
Full size image[1943-1944]

Mule trenches, Camp Hale
Full size image1943

Along Lake Garda
Full size imageApril 1945

Five skitroopers outside of the Jerome Hotel, Aspen, Colorado
Full size image[1943-1944]

Firing heavy artillery
Full size image[1945]

Captain Albert Jackman and Lieutenant Paul Townsend inside an Everest Tent, on Mount Rainier, Washington
Full size image[May 1942]

View of Camp Two looking through Cadaver Gap at Camp One, Mount Rainer, Washington
Full size image[1942, May]

Kiska patrol, looking north from near Cape St. Stephen
Full size image1943

Troops homebound by ship
Full size image1945

Wyoming Jim Penton
Full size image1943 August

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