Wow Photo Wednesday ~ A World Of Color

5/17/06 – P. 29A; Pike Hot Shots wildland firefighter Adam Rodriguez

Pike Hot Shots wildland firefighter Adam Rodriguez
Wow – some of the photos in our newly added Rocky Mountain News collection really “cut through the wallpaper” of our original black and white collection. This image of Adam Rodriquez, a wildland firefighter of the Pike Hot Shots, captures the beauty that exists even in the face of disaster. This image was taken during the Grouse Mountain fire near Victor, Colorado, in May, 2006.
It’s one of the nearly half a million photos included in this newly acquired collection which you can find out more about in our Rocky Mountain News Specialties photo blog, where you can enjoy a gallery of a growing number of eye catching photos gleaned from this amazing archive.
The Hotshot Crew is a twenty person wildland fire crew based in Monument, Colorado, on the Pike National Forest. The nation has over 113 Hotshot crews and the Pike is one of five in Colorado. These firefighters have to be in superb physical condition to handle their difficult work, and are tested frequently both on the job and off to maintain their membership in this elite group. You can find more about them on the Pike Interagency Hotshot Crew page.
“Wow Photo Wednesday” celebrates photographs in the Denver Public Library’s Digital Collections that have “The Wow Factor” and that highlight the myriad delightful nuggets in our database.

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