Wow Photo Wednesday ~ Christmas Time in Denver

1940 Sixteenth Street at night

Sixteenth Street at night
Wow ~ Twinkling Christmas lights, 16th Street, and a beautiful white 1930s sedan! Here is the excitement of a cold December night in Denver’s downtown, busy with traffic, people walking to dinner or the theater, a newspaper vendor, and a showroom-fresh roadster that would trigger a frantic bidding war on ebay if someone could transport it through time to today.
This picture was taken in 1940, and who could have imagined that 75 years later, in 2015, after all the ups and downs, Denver would again have a thriving, busy and fun downtown with real nightlife seven days a week?
Whether you’re new in Denver, just passing through, or are an old timer, there are great surprises and things to discover in our bustling downtown. There are great resources to find out “what to do” in Denver, such as the Official Denver Guide, and of course our Digital Collections have mountains of images of downtown. Here are a few pictures of Downtown Denver with people.
And perhaps someone can identify the car?
“Wow Photo Wednesday” celebrates photographs in the Denver Public Library’s Digital Collections that have “The Wow Factor” and that highlight the myriad delightful nuggets in our database.

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