Wow Photo Wednesday ~ Using Tags to Gather Favorites

[between 1900 and 1920] Summit of Treasure Mtn.

Summit of Treasure Mtn.
Wow ~ There’s a way to quickly find your favorite photos in our Digital Collections! Whatever your item of interest; people, locations, buildings, scenery, or any of the other fascinating subjects in our databases, you can create your own personalized searches to enhance your experience.

[between 1920 and 1930] Radium Company of Colorado

Radium Company of Colorado
Finding images with that special characteristic you like is often a random process, because there’s often no real specific search term to isolate them.

June 1945 Portrait of Allied generals

Portrait of Allied generals
Our ContentDM system has a feature that allows a user to create tags, which makes it possible to bring a disparate group of images together in one simple search. At the bottom of each photo record, are links to “tags” and “comments.” People use the comments quite a bit, trading information with other users and our ContentDM administration. The tags are less used, probably because they are less understood. 

[between 1959 and 1965?] First Fed. Savings & Loan 5063, W. C. Muchow & Assoc. order, 63278.

First Fed. Savings & Loan 5063, W. C. Muchow & Assoc. order, 63278.
To tag your photos, just think of a single word that captures the essence of what you’re tagging, to allow for more items to collect under that word. One of the tags I use is “composition,” for images that catch my eye as having graphic impact or creating a strong impression at a distance, before one even knows about the subject or details. To search for your tags, just enter “tag:” with your tag, like this: “tag:composition.” Don’t make more than 240 of any single tag, because above that number they disappear altogether, (?!) which is a known bug that awaits a fix.
Enhance your experience of our collections with the tag feature, and become an expert!
“Wow Photo Wednesday” celebrates photographs in the Denver Public Library’s Digital Collections that have “The Wow Factor” and that highlight the myriad delightful nuggets in our database.

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