Everybody (Still) Loves Puppies – Wow Photo Wednesday

[between 1920 and 1930?] Female and puppies

Female and puppies
Time changes everything. Well, almost everything. It certainly doesn’t apply to the feeling of happiness and joy that comes from looking at an adorable photo of puppies (or kittens).
We don’t know much about this picture, but we know that nearly 100 years after it was taken, and long after all these dogs had gone on to the dog park in the sky, a picture of a line of puppies still has the ability to melt our hearts just a bit. 
The title of this photo, “Female and Puppies,” is clearly not the most exciting title out there. That said, our cataloging staff endeavors to provide library users with easy access to the information they’re looking for. To that end, a seemingly bland title like this is actually better; it’s efficient and anyone looking for pictures of puppies, should have no problem finding it. 
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