Fall Colors in Glorious B&W – Wow Photo Wednesday

[between 1920 and 1930?] Old Main as it looks these autumn days on the University Campus

Old Main as it looks these autumn days on the University Campus
September is a gloriously colorful time in Colorado, when legions head up to the mountains to revel in the spectacle of autumn foliage and its array of vivid colors. It’s a sight to behold but, as this picture of autumn days on the CU campus in Boulder indicates, it’s not a visual experience that translates well into black and white. 
Of course, black and white photography is something of a Wow Photo Wednesday signature, and we’re loathe to abandon the subtle hues of black, white and grey that mark the genre. That said, we invite our readers to use their imaginations to picture exactly how lovely the Boulder campus can be when swaddled in fall colors. 
Even better, we would encourage everyone to get outside and view the fall colors in person, whether they’re braving the crowds on I-70, or just taking a stroll through their own neighborhoods. 
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