Having Fun During the Hardest of Times

Camp Hale Information Handbook1944 Camp Hale Information Handbook, 1944

Camp Hale Information Handbook, 1944
As the first United States Army Division to go through high-altitude and ski training, it can be argued that the 10th Mountain Division took part in some of the most rigorous training maneuvers the Army had ever seen. However, times at Camp Hale, Colorado weren’t devoid of all fun. The camp’s mascot, for example, was a panda bear on skis, as seen on this information booklet from the Carleton B. Shay collection.

“This first insignia was used by the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale and appeared on signs, the Headquarters Building, and on the masthead of the division newspaper. The railroad stop at Camp Hale was Pando, Colorado. The design became known as the Pando-Commando. The Panda Bear on skis with an M1 rifle was considered a “cartoon” design and hence The Institute of Heraldry would not accept it as the [10th Mountain Division’s] official patch. However, the design was made into a patch after the war by members of the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division.”
-Don Palmer, DPL Resource Center Volunteer

Keep Your Calls Short1944 Keep Your Calls Short

Keep Your Calls Short
The book used both photographs and cartoons to illustrate where to find the laundry facilities, the rec center, or the post office, as well as how to make long-distance phone calls (up to $4.50 for a three-minute call!), and how to get to nearby Leadville for off-duty entertainment.

This is Ann1944 This is Ann, 1944

This is Ann, 1944
Also from the Shay collection is an informational booklet warning soldiers of the dangers of malaria. If the images in this book look somewhat familiar to you, it’s because these pages were illustrated by none other than Dr. Seuss. Known in the army by his given name, Theodor Geisel lent his artistic abilities to teach soldiers about the Anopheles Mosquito, a.k.a. Ann, the mosquito who couldn’t wait to bite them. 

Keep ’em Patched1944 Keep ’em Patched, 1944

Keep ’em Patched, 1944
Especially important in areas affected by the German block on the Allies’ supplies of the anti-malaria drug quinine, the booklet was full of tips and tricks about how to avoid Ann by sleeping under mosquito netting, patching holes in uniforms, and wearing repellent. Though malaria is nothing to laugh at, Dr. Seuss surely helped soldiers maintain a sense of humor.

The Best Protection1944 The Best Protection, 1944

The Best Protection, 1944
To learn more about the 10th Mountain Division in World War II, visit the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center in the Western History and Genealogy department at Denver Public Library.

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