Keep the Toboggan Handy

[1943, 1944] Toboggan

If you’ve been in Colorado for more than a few years you’ve probably heard the saying, “Don’t plant your garden until after Memorial Day.” If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably had at least one year in which you’ve learned that lesson the hard way. 
The fact of the matter is that measurable snowfall after labor is a pretty unusual occurrence in the Denver area. It’s worth noting, however, that unusual does not mean impossible. The latest, official, measurable snowfall in the Denver area was recorded on June 12, 1947, according to the National Weather Service. Most Coloradans can recall snowfall in June and every May and June brings some pretty severe and unpredictable weather patterns to the Mile-High City, with heavy rain and hail as its calling card. 
There is a bit of good news for Mile-High Gardeners who just couldn’t wait for Memorial Day to plant their summer vegetable patches. You can still safely plant root vegetables during the turbulent month of May without much worry. While their leaves might get chewed up by rain and hail, the edible bits will remain safely underground. Your basil plants, however, are not coming back. 
Also, keep the toboggan handy, you just never know. 
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