My Hands Are Full Right Now – Wow Photo Wednesday

[between 1940 and 1940?] Interlocking tower operator

Interlocking tower operator
Do you ever wish you had an extra set of hands during the work day? We’re almost certain that this Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company employee wished the same thing during his work day. 
The man pictured is operating what’s known as an interlocking tower. Interlocking tower operators play an incredibly important job on railroads across the world by making certain that trains don’t collide at intersections and other junctions. This was accomplished through signal operations that were similar to traffic lights, as well as by throwing switches that kept trains on their proper tracks. 
Of course, most interlocking towers are automated these days and that’s probably not such a bad thing. At the same time, we’re guessing that pulling all those massive levers offered an incredible bicep workout! 
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