Not Even a 'One Horse Town' Wow Photo Wednesday

[between 1935 and 1941?] Central City

Central City
City folk oftentimes use the phrase, “one horse town,” in its derogatory form, but that’s not always a valid criticism, since even the smallest towns usually have more than one horse. 
At the same time, pictures like this one of a burro grazing on an unpaved main drag in Central City, lend credence to city dwellers’ impressions of small town living. 
In fairness to the current day residents of Central City, this photo was taken in 1880, when burros and horses were incredibly practical forms of transportation in Colorado’s mining communities. (We also feel compelled to remind readers that modern-day Central City is rife with paved roads and automobiles, rather than burros grazing in the middle of town.)
So the next time you refer to someplace as a “one horse town,” make sure that statement is accurate. The fact is, it could be a “one burro town.”
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