Sail On, Colorado. Sail On – Wow Photo Wednesday

1898 Grand Lake

Grand Lake
If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend a gorgeous summer afternoon in the mountains, you might want to take some pointers from the relaxation expert featured in this week’s Wow Photo Wednesday. 
Snapped in 1898 on Grand Lake, this photo features a man in a homemade sail boat, plying the icy waters in the company of his dog. (If you use the zoom bar at the top of the photo page, you’ll see that the dog looks quite happy with the set-up.)
And lest you think sailing is an activity only available to the well-heeled, think again. The boat pictured here was made completely from scratch, presumably by the man pictured and not the dog. 
Colorado’s mountains are actually home to more water sports than you might imagine. While the flatlands offer great sailing venues like Pueblo and Cherry Creek Reservoirs, our mountain towns like Dillon and Grand Lake have also offered sailing amongst the spectacular beauty of the Rockies. (Just don’t fall out of your boat into the icy cold mountain water!)
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