Wow Photo Wednesday – April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers

1920 Automobiles abandoned after big snow in spring of 1920

Automobiles abandoned after big snow in spring of 1920
The old expression, “April showers bring May flowers,” is as hackneyed as it is accurate. In Denver, however, those April showers are more likely to drop snow than rain. That was the case in the spring of 1920 when the city was inundated with piles of slushy, spring snow. 
Residents of the Mile-High City are extremely fond of spouting out facts about the local weather conditions and, “Well, March and April are our snowiest months,” is one of the most weather-related facts you’ll hear. This is one of those happy occasions when the common belief can actually be backed up with raw data.
According to the National Weather Service, our snowiest month is March with an average of 11.4 inches, followed by April with an average of 8.9 inches. December, by way of comparison, offers only 8.1 inches most years. 
Of course Denverites who want their May flowers (and vegetables) to turn into June flowers know to wait until after Mother’s Day to plant them. 
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