Summer Reading Sizzles with WHG's Free eBook 'Best of the West'

[1892?] Antonio Esquivel

Antonio Esquivel
Looking for a fun summer vacation read that’s heavy on Colorado history, but easy on the pocketbook? Look no further than Best of the West 2015, a free e-book from Denver Public Library’s Western History and Genealogy Department. 
Best of the West 2015 is, as the title indicates, a compendium of our most popular blogs from 2015. (Though sharp-eyed readers will note that several of them were published before 2015, they still rated as our most popular as measured by pages views.) These includes articles about beloved Denver sites such as Lakeside Amusement Park and Cheesman Park. 
If you’re a fan of Denver’s darker side, you might enjoy the chapters that cover the real stories behind some of Denver’s most notorious haunted houses, as well as an entry on the days when the Ku Klux Klan ruled the Mile-High political scene. 
While tales of scary times are informative, Best of the West 2015 also offers entries on history’s lighter side, including an article on the untold story behind Colorado’s iconic state flag. (And be prepared to be amazed at how quickly a group of Colorado women went from, “Hey, Colorado should have a state flag,” to actually raising it above the Capitol.)
We hope that our Denver Public Library customers enjoy reading Best of the West as much as we loved writing and researching the articles it contains. After all, Colorado history is the perfect companion for an afternoon at the pool or cool evening on the back porch. 
Best of the West 2015 is available as a free download at in a variety of formats that are compatible with a wide range of mobile and desktop devices. 

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