Uncovering the history of Denver's homes

1984, March 2418 Stout St., Denver

2418 Stout St., Denver
Are you dying to know how much it cost to build that historic house you’ve always loved? Want to know what year your house was built, who lived there, and what they did for a living? Curious about the architecture in your neighborhood?
Denver’s real estate market may be in a frenzy these days, but here in the Western History and Genealogy Department, we look to the past to help people uncover the stories of their homes and favorite buildings. 

[between 1874 and 1880?] Alida Burton residence

Alida Burton residence
The various resources in our Building History collection can help you piece together your home’s unique story. Building permits can reveal the names of owners, builders, and architects, as well as how much it originally cost to build a home (and make you yearn for a time when an entire house could be built for $1,000).
The Sanborn Fire Insurance maps help give a more accurate date of a building and often lead to discoveries, such as finding out that your downtown Denver property used to have a barn, or that the small farmhouse pictured above was located on Colfax by today’s Civic Center Park. 
Assessor records tell who owned a particular property and city directories fill in the blanks with who used to live there. These, and other resources cover the history of Denver’s neighborhoods, including photographs from many of them in the Digital Collections.
Check out the Denver Building History Tutorial or come by to learn about your home!

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